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QuickBooks is simple, easy and robust accounting software solution. Customers looking forward to purchase new application license from Intuit can get it online or direct dealing with the company. Customers save good amount of money and all the new customers are eligible to get free technical expert advice as tips to establish their firm. For new businesses, an expert accountant advice means a great value to the business to nurture the company growth and development, helping it establish its roots. QuickBook was launched with aim to help small enterprises while it now serves medium organizations, startups. QuickBook is a full-fledged system which automatically gets updated. There are new updates of the application which gets automated self on client site and so users are free from timely manual updates. Any new release to the product is instantly revised on client system. Quickbook accounting is agile software solution to operate the accounts and business management. Intuit offers free learning methods to enhance application knowledge of accounting process. Free trial software version of 30 days is valid for all the users globally.

The installation is quick and instant on any device either laptop, mobile or personal computer system whichever is customer preferred. App on smart devices like smartphone offers freedom to users to learn anytime. Webinars, video portals and tutorials are equally helpful for the users to enhance the user knowledge. QuickBook is multiple user accessible environments allow all valid users to collaborate on the real time system. It integrates seamlessly with all other application of Microsoft and MAC. The integration feature makes data processing easier. Quickbook application can be hosted on cloud and desktop whichever best fits to the company requirements. Desktop hosting of the application is legacy approach that runs on many enterprise systems. This method of hosting has high operating cost due to server maintenance, infrastructure and other IT costs. This process is considered safe by company owners as they have business controls to manage data and security in-house while the Quickbook online is managed by cloud hosting service providers for cloud users. Cloud is web hosted application services therefore it is important to have internet connection to access anytime, anywhere. A secure login access connects authorized users to the graphical user interface system and anytime access to users incorporate high yields to the firm.

Quickbook online on cloud server hosted application accounting solution is freedom of access, freedom of device, flexible and scalable solution to all the customers. Quickbook online is low cost application hosting on cloud which is located remotely and operated by hosting service providers. The hosting services are cheaper and offered on subscriptions which makes easier for users to manage cash or finances. Subscription based rentals of Quickbook cloud hosting offers flexibility to pay and get the services till required. There are no contractual agreements between users and service providers so clients can exit anytime. Hosting providers provide daily backups, robust data management system, recovery system, secure hosting and full time customer support. Clients can contact helpdesk anytime.

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Amenda Ray is an accountant with SageNext Infotech. With the company, she consults the client accountants about the benefits of Quickbook online and Sage 50 in the cloud. She is having expertise in project management and accounting operations.


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